Preparation of Master Plan / Perspective Plan for Drainage System and Rejuvenation of Lakes and Rivers of Nagpur City for the Year 2031.

Client Nagpur Municipal Corporation
Location Nagpur,MH
Schedule 02-Jul-2007 To 31-Jul-2008
Funding JnNURM

Project Detail

Nagpur the second capital of Maharashtra is situated in the heart of India. The city has a population of More than 2.7 million spread in approximate of area and is rapidly growing into a Metro city with an expected population of 50.00 lakhs in the next 30 years. Adjoining rural area within 5.0 km may be part of Metro region. Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is the organization for development of plans to prepare a long-term perspective plan for Water Supply, Sewerage and Rejuvenation of Lakes, Rivers and Nallahs with reuse of Storm Water,Rain Harvesting Policy in the city. The sewer for drainage system laid in the city to some extend which flows by gravity and get drained through open nallas and Rivers, During flood the lower area get water logged to avoid this situation proper designing, planning is required, also at some places there is no drainage system and at some places the sewerage system and drainage system are joined. Hence study of total existing drainage system and identification of sewer (when both the system are joined) and remedial measures for its separation is required. The existing storm water drainage system is inadequate. With houses, roads, footpaths, etc. coming up, the permeable area decreases and rainwater cannot properly percolate. Thus storm water drainage becomes imperative to avoid water logging and resultant wear and tear of roads. The necessity for and design of storm water drainage depends on climatic conditions, i.e., incidence of rainfall and natural drainage, Nagpur Municipal Corporation watershed and topography.